The Centre For Young Musicians, CYM, provides outstanding opportunities for young musicians with a special interest in music between the ages of 6-18. Young musicians work together in a nurturing environment where their musical potential is developed to the highest level.

Theory Lessons

CYM offers a wide range of musical activities to foster musical development.
A typical afternoon might include a lesson on a musical instrument or voice, a duet or trio class with other students of a similar ability, rehearsing with the CYM International Youth Choir or Chamber Choir, a music theory lesson or composition class and participating in our International Youth Instrumental Ensemble. We provide:

  • Regular performance opportunities as a soloist and ensemble player or singer.
  • Individual lessons on all instruments and voice, leading to ABRSM qualifications in singing and on an instrument.
  • Opportunities to rehearse weekly as part of a duet, trio, quartet and larger ensemble for singers and instrumentalists.
  • Outstanding choral training with the CYM International Youth Choir.
  • Advanced choral training with the CYM chamber choir leading to ABRSM qualifications.
  • Weekly lessons in Theory, Aural training and Composition.
  • Encouragement and support towards ABRSM exams.
  • Weekly opportunities to rehearse and perform with the International Youth Instrumental Ensemble
  • Opportunities to compete in local music competitions, participate in festivals, participate in workshops, perform at prestigious events, rehearse and perform with students from the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag and students from Codarts Rotterdam.

Classical Music

We have abundant opportunites in both Classical and Jazz Music and the atmosphere at the CYM is vibrant, warm and challenging. All of our students enjoy working together towards regular performance opportunities both as a soloist and as part of a small and larger ensembles.

Chamber 5 - 300x200

Chamber Group

Jazz Emb 1 - 300x199

Jazz Ensemble


Classical Music

The CYM has a strong interest in classical music and we encourage our musicians to develop a knowledge of and respect for instruments and music from the earliest times to contemporary music. In order to expose our students to a wide variety of instruments and to enable them to work at their highest level, they frequently work and perform with visiting musicians from the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag.


Jazz Music

The focus of our jazz ensembles is to develop improvisational skills by working with jazz specialists and performing improvisatory pieces regularly. Our students also have weekly lessons in jazz theory to increase a knowledge and understanding of jazz in order to further their progress. Our jazz students also have opportunities to work with talented young performers from the jazz scene in The Hague to inspire them and to create performance opportunities at a high level.

Termly Family Concerts

A CYM Musical

A CYM Musical

All of our students perform regularly in termly family concerts. In addition to this our choirs and jazz students have performed at several events for the British Embassy and our chamber choir has performed for the Commonwealth Remembrance Services in Den Haag in 2012 and 2013. Our talented students have opened art exhibitions, performed at weddings, participated in the Festival Classique and the Youth Jazz Festival.

CYM students have been prize winners in competitions such as the Florence Concours and were regional finalists in the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble Young Composers Competition 2013.

Our students frequently gain distinctions in their ABRSM examinations and exceptionally talented students who have completed Grade 8 in their practical examinations are encouraged to apply for the ABRSM Performers Diploma.

Our chamber choir is currently rehearsing towards the ABRSM Advanced Choral Exam which will be held in spring 2014.

Personal Development

Music is the universal language of mankind. Henry Watsworth Longfellow

‘Musicians have sharper minds and are able to pick up mistakes and fix them quicker than the rest of us, according to new research at St Andrews University’.
The study, by researchers at the University of St Andrews, suggests that musical activity could protect against decline in mental abilities through age or illness.  Read the original article

Choosing to spend time in order to achieve musical excellence will be rewarding not only by the achievements you make in music but you will also develop life long friendships, gain confidence and develop listening and concentration skills. Studying music can be a life changing decision and we will make sure that you are equipped with the musical experience and knowledge to continue that journey beyond school years should you wish to.

Recording Studio

Audio and Video Recordings are taken once a term during the concerts.
Advanced students are offered the opportunity to participate in a recording session at Studio-25 Den Haag


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